lovemarcy10 asked:

tony stark

marysuepoots answered:

  • if they eat the crust of their pizza: oh yeah he totally does. tony loves pizza crust and pizza in general and if the pizza dough isn’t good he won’t even bother. tony probably rates pizza mouth feel.
  • the last movie they watched: i really don’t think he has time for movies, so maybe there was a rainforest documentary playing in the background of the lab that Bruce put on but even so Tony still wouldn’t pay attention
  • what their tumblr would be like: selfies in the suit
  • their favorite harry potter character: harry, probably, or james if he actually read the series and didn’t just say he did.
  • their feelings about scented candles: i cannot think of a person who would hate scented candles more
  • their plant-care history and abilities: "please do not give tony plants. he does not water them, then i have to, and then i just end up taking care of them, and now i have too many plants to take care of" —a note from pepper potts





So I just had to join in on the Hawkeye Initiative bandwagon, it’s just so… full of empowerment.

And then I went totally overboard.
Even gave them suggestive captions.

I feel like a predator drawing this. 

(but Tony’s face! <3!) 

Avengers Assemble!… for SEXINESS.

Tony’s pose and expression rule my world forever!!

I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty empowered.